Grey Muzzle Sanctuary

Providing a warm, caring home for unadoptable and severely abused dogs.

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    In the past twelve years we've cared for over 40 dogs - abused, old, blind, deaf, starved, the worst of the worst abuse cases from all over the nation. Being able to provide a warm, loving home with five acres to run free on teaches them to be dogs again and to forget all about the hurt from their past. We specialize in Great Pyrenees, both seniors and behaviorally challenged younger ones.

  • Who rescues whom is debatable

    "I had seen some hard times and was kind of lost as to what to do with my life and how to be happy. I found that if these dogs can let it go, then maybe I can let some of it go too." –Thayne Hamilton

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Grey Muzzle Rescue was owned and operated for the last 10 years by Thayne and Chris Hamilton, until Chris tragically passed away in their home in February 2013.

They specialized their rescue by adopting unadoptable and/or severely abused Dogs. They took in the worst of the worst abuse cases from all over the nation. 

Grey Muzzle Rescue gives them their "Forever Home." It was Chris's dying wish that Thayne continue the rescue work they lived and loved to do together and Thayne has done just that!

Thayne met Carol, another kind hearted dog lover and animal rescuer herself. Together they have formed Grey Muzzle Rescue and Sanctuary where they have collaborated on helping these animals they so tenderly love. 

Together they remain a sanctuary for unadoptable dogs. They take in these dogs that wouldn’t have a home to love them otherwise.

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Help feed the pack by donating to our GoFundMe campaign. We thank you all from the very bottom of our hearts and paws, for all the kind words, thoughts, cares and friendships made!

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PO Box 2033 Eastsound, WA 98245

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