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Are bats really terrifying?

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  • Published: Wednesday, 12 June 2019 09:06
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batsPeople are scared of bats. There are many legends about them: they reputedly drinks human blood, get tangled in your hair.

No, there is only a few species of blood-drinking bat (and they don’t kill their host, which often is cow or horse, not human), the most of bats eats fruits (Australia, both Americas, south of Asia) or insects and bugs (Europe, northern Asia). Bats are very beneficial to the natural environment.
Below a few facts about bats.
real bats1. Bats aren’t blind. The see good but the European species use mainly their ears. And the fruitivorous bats’ first sense is actually sight.
2. Bats use echo-location to move and to hunt. They “hear” moves of insects and bugs as well as obstructions on their route. Bats have also great spatial memory: they remember an arrangement of their surroundings to have no need to use echo-location all the time.
3. Bats’ physique let them hang without any energy cost.
4. The biggest bats reach 170 cm wingspread.
5. Some bats can live about 30 years.
6. They live in big colonies (the biggest number about 1,5 mln specimens!) and hug each other to stay warm. From the colony to the hunting place bats cover a distance even 1300 km.