Friday, 22 November 2019

Kowalski! Options! Few funny facts about penguins

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  • Published: Sunday, 09 June 2019 09:08
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penguins cartoinWho doesn’t know four funny penguins which are still on mission? True penguins are funny and interesting too. I prepared to you some interesting thing about penguins.

1. Everyone knows penguins don’t fly. But once they did! Evolution decided that is more useful for penguins to swim than to fly. Their physique looks like a torpedo. Speed of penguin in water increases to 60 km/h whereas on ground he is clumsy.
2. Penguin live in the herd, sometimes very big. The biggest herb (on Zavodovski Island) numbers circa 2 millions of penguins. Every once and a while one of penguins separates from the group and commits suicide in that way. We still don’t know why they do this.
3. Penguins recognize only two tastes: sour and salty.
4. Penguins really like to play with each other. They are ticklish and react with sounds like laugh.
pingqeen eggs5. Penguins are sometimes homosexual. In Norwegian Zoo lives homosexual pair of penguins: Pondus and Herman Pile.
6. Once a year penguins loose all feathers and must wait a few weeks to gain some new. At that time they can’t swim.
7. Male penguins incubate eggs instead of female. Only few species do that.