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The most famous cat in the world

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orangeyWe all know that one truth: cats are rulers of the world. Today I would like to remind you a few cats which are the most famous.

One of the most known cat-actors. She played with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Her full name was Carbon Copy or Copy Cat. She is the first cloned domestic animal in history.
Muezza was the favourite cat of the Mahomet. There are a lot of legends about Muezza.
oscarThere are two famous cats called Oscar. First of them was Bismarck’s cat. Oscar was in service on ship of the line “Bismarck” as “Bordkatze der Bismarck”. Oscar was survived the sinking of three ships in his life: Bismarck, HMS Cossacks and HMS Ark Royal. After Bismarck’s sinking, Oscar was in service in Royal Navy and finished his days in Belfast as retired cat.
The second Oscar was therapy cat on geriatric ward. Oscar was unusual because he felt upcoming death. About 2 hours before patient’s death, Oscar came to him and accompanied till the end.
Creme Puff
She was the longest lived cat in the world. At the moment she died, she was 38 years old. She lived in Austin, Texas.
She was the only cat who took part in space flight program and also she survived it.