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How to travel with a dog

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  • Published: Wednesday, 30 October 2019 11:38
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dogAs we all know, dog is human’s best friend. So nobody is surprised at that we would like to travel with our dogs. Dog aren’t like cats, which need to be in one, well-known place. Dog want to be with their man and the man is for dogs more important than place. That’s way traveling with dog is possible. But of course – we still need to remember about our friend’s comfort. Below you can find few advices haw to travel with your dog.

  1. Choose your accommodation wisely. You need to ask in hotel (or something else), is it allowed to stay with a dog. If not – keep searching that kind of place, where dogs are welcome.
  2. Research the nearest vet clinie before you are leaving. Maybe it will be unnecessary but believe me – in case of emergency every moment is like a gold. You will have no time to run and search animal hospital.
  3. dog2Take with yourself pet carrier. It is the same situation like with vet clinic – maybe you don’t use it. But – just in case – it is better to take it with you. Same places allow bring animals but only in carrier for example. Or sometimes airline/hauler require it.
  4. Think about GPS locator for your dog. Just in case.
  5. Check flight regulation – do you need muzzle? Is it necessary to pay for extra ticket for your dog?
  6. Remember about your dog’s passport and certificate of vaccination. And also don’t forget about your own formalities like Esta/visa, learn about Visa Waiver Program – your dog will not flight without you ;)

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